Custom Cut Wooden Shapes

Custom cut wooden shapes are just fantastic.

Imagine your own exclusive design created just for you. If you are a crafter, having your own designs created is super simple.

If you sell your crafts to your own customers why not offer them exclusive designs? You design them and we cut them for you!

Custom cut shapes are much, much cheaper than you think, and the minimum order is only 10-20 per shape. 

To get your very own custom cut designs all you need is this:

1. Your design, an internet image or simple drawing is fine.
2. The measurements of each design.
3. The quantity needed of each design.
4. The material :  3mm plywood, 3mm or 6mm MDF

Email all your requirements to

Once you email we will take care of everything for you.

We will email back a costing, professionally redraw your shape design, create a sample for you to appove and then cut the quantity of shapes you need.

We do everything for you. It's super simple and great fun! Once you start getting your own designs made up you will take your crafting to a whole new level.

Steve :-)