Dinosaur Set 1

Dinosaur Set 1
Wooden Laser Cut Dinosaur Shapes

A set of 4 fun dinosaur craft cut outs in pale birch plywood.

  • Shapes Per Set: 4
  • Made From: Birch Plywood
  • Height (cm): 10
  • Width (cm): 10
  • Depth (cm): 0.3
  • Production Method: Laser cut
  • Weight Per Item (grams): 6

Set Price: £3.47

(Prices As Low As £2.86)

Get these shapes sanded!

These shapes are supplied unsanded.
For most projects this is perfect.
They are smooth and ready to paint.
If you would like them sanded click below.

Only 16p per set extra if you buy this shape sanded.


 (per shape)
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Dinosaur Set 1 - Wooden Laser Cut Dinosaur Shapes


Our brand new fun set of dinosaurs cut and etched on our brilliant laser machine.  We cut, etch and sand them to create a super set of shapes.  They would make create items for a kids craft project, for bedrooms, cards, gift tags, loads of uses.  Whether you paint, varnish or colour with felt-tips, you are going to love these little guys.  The group is made up of:

Spinosaurus meaning "spine lizard", he is looking a bit cross and I'd be careful because he is a meat eater and grows to be bigger than T-Rex.  This shape measures 10cm x 5cm x 0.3cm

Cryolophosaurus who was nicknamed "Elvis-osaurus" because of his elaborate headwear.
He measures 10cm x 7.4cm x 0.3cm

, one of the most recognisable dinosaurs.  In his day a big lumbering herbivore, but in our mini family he measures 10cm x 5cm x 0.3cm

Tyrannosaurus Rex
, meaning tyranant lizard. The king of dinosaurs but our version is a cheeky chubby chap.  He measures 10cm x 10cm x 0.3cm

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