Fairy Pair Table Decoration 20cm

Fairy Pair Table Decoration 20cm
MDF Freestanding Shape x 2

New stuff! Our gorgeous pair of fairies that are standing shapes. Great standing decorations for a child's room. Lovely quality MDF ornaments!

  • Shapes Per Set: 2
  • Made From: MDF
  • Height (cm): 20
  • Width (cm): 15
  • Depth (cm): 3
  • Production Method: Laser Cut
  • Weight Per Item (grams): 21

Set Price: £3.97

(Prices As Low As £3.28)

Get these shapes sanded!

These shapes are supplied unsanded.
For most projects this is perfect.
They are smooth and ready to paint.
If you would like them sanded click below.

Only 8p per set extra if you buy this shape sanded.


 (per shape)
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Fairy Pair Table Decoration 20cm - MDF Freestanding Shape x 2
  • Fairy Pair Table Decoration 20cm - MDF Freestanding Shape x 2


A pair of gorgeous angel/fairy shapes that fix to a stand.  Lovely for a child's bedroom or playroom.

Freestanding MDF shapes and cutouts make great show pieces for dressers, fireplaces and tables. They can be used for a wide variety of craft projects.  A great addition to a party bag.

The larger fairy is 20cm x 15cm at the widest point of her wings, the smaller 20cm x 9.5cm.

You can paint them, draw on them, varnish them, decorate them and create wonderful wooden signs and plaques for your living room, kiddies rooms, kitchen, bedroom drawers, hallway artwork and loads more. What will you do with yours...?

All our laser cut MDF shapes are made from the highest quality Medite MDF. Always check the quality of the MDF being used, there are many different grades. Low quality MDF can have a furry surface and wont take paint well making it hard to get a nice finish.

Our MDF blanks are sanded both sides to have a fantastic smooth finish, lovely crisp edges where the laser has cut, and they take paint without swelling or furring. They are perfect for your crafting and interior decor projects.

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